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Game Info

Football Manager Mobile 2016

Formerly known as Football Manager Handheld, Football Manager Mobile 2016 is the simplest and quickest way to manage your chosen club to glory.

Compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets, Football Manager Mobile is designed to be played in short bursts on the move, with a focus on tactics and transfers.

Take charge of any club from 14 countries across the world, including all of the big European leagues.

You decide on transfers, tactics, who plays and who sits on the bench. You balance the books and it’s down to you to keep the players, board and fans happy.

A single-player experience.


Lead Your Club to Glory

Think you can do better than the real managers? Football Manager is where you can prove it.  Pick a club from any of the 14 playable nations and take on the challenge of leading them to domestic and continental success. You can also take charge of a national team and attempt to make a name for yourself on the world stage.

Simple and Quick Experience

Football Manager Mobile is the most accessible version of the Football Manager experience. The game focuses on tactics and transfers and is compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets. Football Manager Mobile is designed to be played in short bursts on the move making it the ideal commute companion.

2D Match Engine

The 2D match engine offers a top-down view of the pitch, giving you a clear view of how your tactics are working over the course of the match.


Football Manager 2016 features a realistic transfer market. You can compete with AI managers for the very best players in the world, unearth the footballing superstars of the future or, if you’re working on a shoestring budget, take advantage of loan signings and free transfers. In Football Manager, there’s a player for your every need.


Set your team up the way you want. Choose from dozens of tactical combinations and instructions and make substitutions and tactical changes during the match itself.


There are a range of unlockables available in Football Manager Mobile, allowing you to accelerate your progress through the game. These range from being able to build a new stadium to generating an in-game son.

New Features


iOS: Compatible with almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices (OS 5.1.1 and above)

Android: Android OS 2.3.3 and abov