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Online Play

Online play allows the user to play Football Manager™ 2013 against other humans over either a local area network or the internet. You can either be the host of such a saved game, or merely join a saved game hosted by another user. With full use of Steam's online play options, it is now easier than ever to play Football Manager™ online.

To start an online game as the host, create a new game as has been described in this manual. Make sure the 'Run as Server' box is ticked in the 'Preferences'; this will allow other users to join your saved game. Once the game has been set up and you have chosen a team to manage, you are in a position to host an online game. To share your game and allow your friends to join, ensure that you have chosen an identifiable Server Name and Password, and pass both these details on to those you wish to participate.

If you are joining an online game, all you need is those two bits of information. From the Main Menu, select 'Join Online Game' and search for the appropriate server name. There are also a number of search filters which will allow you to seek out other network games which may be available for you to join.

Football Manager™ Classic features a new online game mode, the Versus Competition. You and your friends can set up a custom competition and go head-to-head solely against each other if you so wish. Additionally, if each of you wishes to pit your own custom teams against each other from your own offline career games, you can do so by exporting them and using them in your custom competition.