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The Game Preferences Screen

The following options are all found on the Preferences screen and allow you configure how Football Manager™ 2013 acts and behaves.

OVERVIEWA general overview of the most important preferences. You can configure each of these areas in greater detail from the appropriate sub-tab within the Preferences section, or by clicking on the 'More...' option within each sub-panel on the overview screen.

LanguageSelect which language you wish to play in.
CurrencySelect which currency you wish all monetary values to be displayed in. All major currencies are represented in the game with appropriate exchange rates taken close to the release of the game.
WagesDisplay wages in-game in either a weekly, monthly, or yearly format.

Manager Profile
MatchConfigure your 3D match display settings outside of the match environment, ensuring they're set already once you get to match day.
Social NetworkLog into or out of your social network accounts.
Screen FlowSet up desired Screen Flow options (Only accessible in game from the Manager Menu)

SkinSelect which skin you wish to play  Football Manager™ 2013 in. The FM2013 skin is the default game skin, but you can download skins created by community members and others as well. 
Window Mode and ResolutionThis list presents every possible resolution and display your PC is able to run Football Manager™ 2013 in.
Enable Data Collection
If you wish to allow Sports Interactive to collect certain data to help us develop our games, and use the information to help us make decisions in a more informed manner, tick this box.

Your computer's 3D graphics capabilityThis rates, out of a maximum of five stars, how good your current system is at running the 3D match display.
View Matches in 3DThis setting configures whether or not you run matches in 3D. By disabling it, the game will not attempt to load the 3D display and will run in alternative fashions.
Graphics QualitySet the level of 3D graphical detail you see on matchdays. Choose from High, Medium or Low detail.
Use sound in matchTurn sounds on and off here through ticking and un-ticking this check box.
Sound VolumeConfigure the volume of sounds in-game on a sliding scale from 1-10 (loudest). Use the 'Test' button to try out your settings.

Use Auto SavesConfigure whether you would like to enable automatic games saves or not.
Auto Save IntervalSelect the regularity with which you wish the game to automatically save.
Auto Save TypeChoose whether you wish to have the game save repeatedly over one single file or for it to create a series of rolling files from as few as 3 to as many as your hard drive can store.


Display onConfigure whether you wish to display the person snapshot when hovering over the 'i' icon or upon clicking it.

Landing PageConfigure whether you wish to be presented with the player's Profile screen or his Attributes screen when clicking his name.
Leave Player screen when you click 'Back'
This option configures the behaviour of the 'Back' button when viewing player profiles. If enabled, it will take you to the last screen you visited before viewing the player's profile. If disabled, it will simply cycle through every tab and sub-tab you've viewed on the player before returning to the previously visited screen.
Display attributes as bar chart instead of 1-20If checked, the standard numerical values representing player attributes will be replaced by a graphic in the form of a bar filled to various levels representing their attribute rating.

Landing PageConfigure whether you wish to be presented with the team's Profile screen or their squad when clicking on their name.
Show Shirt Names in TacticsIf ticked, this will display player names on shirts on the tactics screen.

Landing PageConfigure whether you wish to be presented with the competition's profile screen or the league table (stage) when clicking on it.

Use alternative colour scheme for the Title BarIf checked, this will reverse your team's colours on any human manager titlebar, so as to differentiate from being on a club screen.

Use caching to decrease page loading timesBy default, the game 'caches' all the skin data into one single file. Doing this allows the game to load the graphical data much quicker. However, this prevents the game from scanning for new graphical data and will instead simply load what it has cached. Therefore, if you wish to see any graphical changes or additions you have made to Football Manager™ 2013, uncheck this box.
Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences
If this box is checked, when the user clicks 'Confirm' on the Preferences screen, the skin will reload. This is useful for ensuring new graphics are incorporated into the skin as well as being an option for users creating skins to save having to exit the game and reload it to view their changes.
Allow display of custom background pictures
If checked, any background pictures downloaded/created by the user and assigned correctly will be displayed in-game.
Show screen IDs in Title Bar to assist skinning
If checked, this will display every Unique ID for all items in the game. For example, on a Player Profile it will override the team/nation/position display below his name whilst this option is checked.
Clear CacheClick this button to clear Football Manager™ 2013's graphical cache and restore content to the default options.

Show pictures of real players and staff
Configure whether you wish to see pictures for real players and staff within the game.
Show pictures of generated players and staff
Configure whether you wish to see pictures for generated players and staff within the game.

Tooltip SpeedDrag the slider to configure how quickly a tooltip will display upon hovering the mouse cursor over a game object or link.
Reset Confirmation DialogsIf you wish to reset any dialog messages you have disabled during the course of playing the game, click this button.
Display note icon beside hyperlink to a screen a note has been created for
If you wish to be visually notified of the fact you've created a note for a game object, ticking this box will display a small orange icon towards the top right hand corner of the link.
Sort bookmarks alphabeticallyIf checked, this will automatically sort your bookmarks into alphabetical order.
Clicking a media name in-game takes you to their website
If this option is enabled, URLs in news items, such as, will be clickable, and assuming the user is connected to the internet, the page will load in their designated internet browser. If the user is not connected to the internet, the page will not load.
Display natural position only
If ticked, this will only display the player's natural position in the title bar and not all additional positions he can play in.

Changing these will override the default settings in whichever skin you currently have loaded. Choose a new colour by clicking on the coloured box, or if you wish to use the 'advanced settings' mode (by clicking the tick box on the same screen), enter the exact desired colour values.

Frame RateConfigure the frame rate at which the 3D display runs.
Show SkyWill display the sky in the background of stadiums in the 3D match display.
Show Weather EffectsWill enable visual variations in weather in the 3D match display.
Show SceneryWill display scenes outside of the stadium in the 3D match display.
Show StadiumWill display stadiums in the 3D match display.
Show crowd and seatsWill display crowds in the 3D match display.
Use depth of fieldWill use a camera's focal length to 'sharpen' the players inside the 'circle of least confusion', increasing the focus on them and less on those outside.
Show name of player(s) with/around ballWill display the name of players in the 3D match display.

Resolution to Upload Match videos inSelect your desired resolution for saving YouTube content from Football Manager™ 2013. Please note that saving higher resolution videos will take up more hard disk space.
Save a copy of uploaded videos in the location of your game filesIf you wish to retain a local copy of all uploaded YouTube content, tick this box.

Allow matches to be moved for TV broadcastThis is another option which is mainly used for network play. If you want all participants to play their fixtures on the same scheduled day, enable this option. This can also be used in offline mode.
Show match preview in build-up to match
If you wish to approach a match using the stage-by-stage 'Match Day Experience', leave this enabled. If you wish to just be taken to the match upon pressing 'Go to Match', un-check it.

Use flashing commentary when goal is scored
If enabled, when a goal is scored during a match, the text commentary bar will flash alternating team colours. To turn this off, leave the box unticked.
Clicking an advertising hoarding takes you to its owner's website
If this option is enabled, advertising hoardings surrounding the pitch will be clickable, and assuming the user is connected to the internet, a webpage will load in their designated internet browser. If the user is not connected to the internet, the page will not load.
In widgets, show players on the pitch at the topThis option, if enabled, will ensure that all players on the pitch at any moment will be displayed above all players not involved (either having been substituted or remaining on the bench).
Show graphical bars on match statsTick to show match stats displayed as graphical bars as well as numbers
Show information between match highlightsTick this to display a host of relevant match information during periods where there are no match highlights to show.
Show Action BarConfigure whether the match screen action bar should be showing or hidden by default.

Speed to Process Other Teams' MatchesDepending on the abilities of your processor you may wish to have Football Manager™ 2013 process matches from elsewhere in your football world in different ways. A more capable PC may like to have a more responsive option where these matches are processed whilst the user carries out whatever business they wish to. A less capable PC may however need these fixtures to be processed faster, which in turn is less responsive and cannot at times be interrupted. Check the available options and see which works best for you.
Use threading when multiple matches are being played to reduce processing timesThis option is only available if your PC possesses threading capabilities. Threading makes one single processor behave like two logical processors. When enabled, this allows the processor to execute multiple threads simultaneously, which will produce a significant pe


LocationYou can tell the game to use the /user data folder in the directory identified in this option to store your Football Manager™ 2013 content (and, if ticked, temporary files whilst the game is running instead of the standard 'hidden' location (which is accessible but not immediately apparent).)

Save your games compressed for smaller files
Compressing your saved games means that when Football Manager™ 2013 is saving them, it will compress all the files in the save in order to keep the saved game size at a minimum. Tick this box if you wish the game to do this.

Save Screenshots AsConfigure the graphical format of your saved screenshots. Available options are .PNG and .BMP.

When saving a shortlist, append manager name and date to file name
Tick this box to enable a little extra data being added to your shortlists in order to help determine when they were created.

TemperatureDisplay matchday temperature values in Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F), or Kelvin (K). 
HeightDisplay Height measurements in centimetres (cm), metres (m), or feet (ft)
WeightDisplay Weight values in kilograms (kg), pounds (lbs), or stone (st).
Short/Long DistanceDisplay short distance measurements in the match display in either metres (m) or yards (yd), and in kilometres or miles for long distances in news items.
Match OddsDisplay pre-match odds in either fractional (15/1) or decimal (16.00) form.

FormatSelect which format you wish dates to be displayed. There are three options; the European standard dd/mm/yyyy; the North American standard mm/dd/yyyy; or the alternative choice of yyyy/mm/dd.
SeparatorSelect the format of your date separator; choose from a dot, slash or dash.

PositiveChoose how you wish your currency of choice to be displayed when values are positive.
NegativeChoose how you wish your currency of choice to be displayed when values are negative.

Decimal SymbolChoose whether to use a full stop or a comma as your decimal symbol.
Digit Grouping SystemChoose whether to use a full stop or a comma as your digit grouping system.

Football Manager™ 2013 supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts. The Shortcuts screen is where you can configure exactly which screens you want a shortcut to and the keys you wish to link with it.

This screen is where you will be able to enable/disable additional data files, such as the existing alliteration news types and board takeover files.


Allow friends to join your game
Tick this box to run your computer as a server and allow others to join your network game.
Server NameEnter the name of your server to make it identifiable to anyone you wish to join your game.
Server IP AddressDetails of the IP address of your network game.
Server PasswordSet a password for your game if you wish it to be private.
Banned IP AddressesDetails of any banned IP addresses will be stored here.

Have fewer stops in play by increasing the duration of each processing break
To allow for fewer processing breaks during network play, ticking this will extend a single period longer, so as to allow for greater time playing the game.
Allow the game to continue automatically in the conditions specified
Tick this to enable 'Force Continue' commands. In a range of game circumstances and situations, you are able to configure exactly when the game will automatically continue. This may be after a determinate amount of time, or when a percentage of clients have requested something to occur.
Use Saturday and Wednesday matchdays to ensure managers play simultaneously.
To allow for all users to play their fixtures simultaneously, ticking this box will ensure that everybody plays weekend and midweek fixtures on the same day.
Highlight Modes AllowedDetermine which highlight modes are permitted in your network game.
Replay Modes AllowedDetermine which replay modes are permitted in your network game.
Slowest Highlight Speed AllowedDetermine the slowest highlight speed permitted in your network game.
Slowest Replay Speed AllowedDetermine the slowest replay speed permitted in your network game.