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Assistant Manager

Your Assistant Manager has a vitally important role to play in your managerial career. Essentially the person you employ here is your link to your squad at all times, and is a source of vital information throughout your career. A good Assistant Manager is a valuable asset and a number of managers will endeavour to work alongside the same Assistant wherever they go in their career.

As part of his/her duties, your Assistant provides you with feedback on your Team Talks. This can found in the 'Reports' sub-tab on their profile screen.

They will keep track of how your players react to your team talks; pre-match, half time, and full time (all viewable from the 'View Team Talk' menu). The information is held from the most recent match played, as your assistant logs what you said to your players and how they reacted. This can be a useful tool for you to gauge how your players react to what you say and perhaps why their performance dropped off so much after half time. Your Assistant also reports on morale and level of understanding amongst the squad - when this is high your team will perform far better than when it is at a lower level, but at the same time they lend themselves to each other - good form will result in a higher level of morale.

Your Assistant Manager is also left in charge if you wish to take a leave of absence. Throughout Football Manager™ 2014, your Assistant will be available to you in a number of ways other than those detailed here, offering advice and help on your daily management of the club.

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