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We Are The Managers is where Football Manager fans share their stories. From 'suiting up' for a big match to meeting a hero in real life, everyone who's played Football Manager has a story to tell... and this is where we retell the best of them.

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  • Carlo Cudicini
    Carlo is your typical “one more game” Football Manager player, rushing home from training to play – sometimes to the next morning
  • Carl Worswick
    Killing time with FM in the airport proved doubly painful for Carl Worswick, as he didn't just miss out on promotion…
  • Steven Finn
    As an England International Cricketer, Finny loves the statistical depth of Football Manager – but he celebrates goals in FM more than wickets
  • César Azpilicueta
    Cesar manages his first professional club in Football Manager and used to play on the bus with Fernando Torres – although he’s never managed to sign him…
  • Eddy Manzuoli
    Eddy’s wife feared the worse when she couldn’t get him off his laptop, and discovered he was using false names. Turns out, he was just using false nines…
  • Thiago Gomes
    Trailing at half-time in a professional match in Brazil, Thiago Gomes reverted to a tactic that had brought him many a success in Football Manager
  • Baptiste Lorber
    Baptiste had to put his Football Manager career on hold to pursue his comedy career and also avoid the wrath of his girlfriend
  • Mimis
    Mimis loves Football Manager. Like, really loves it. Just ask his mum and his dad, and the people of Athens…
  • Mark Chapman
    Chappers uses Football Manager for his Match of the Day research. When he’s talking football on the TV he’s taking FM tactical advice from real life managers