New Gameplay Features

Graphic Improvements

We strive to make each year’s match experience in Football Manager the best looking in the series and this year is no different with a renewed effort to introduce a range of graphical improvements that will make the match look more realistic than ever in FM20.

Let’s kick off by taking a look at looking at the differences in players and textures.

The new player model for Football Manager 2020

Our human models this year represent a significant upgrade from FM19. We’ve reworked the base model to make it more lifelike with more depth than in previous years. The model now has a more realistic anatomy and bone structure which results in a more lifelike appearance.

Additionally, the kit textures have been overhauled for FM20. We’ve also utilised new software to create more realistic clothing that drape more naturally over the model and features creases and folds and to ensure that they move more naturally with the player. These improved textures have also been applied to referee kits too.

The redesigned models don’t only affect those on the pitch though as the manager avatars now look better than ever before.

The new manager model for Football Manager 2020

Because of the improvements that we’ve made to the base human models in FM20, you’ll notice that the manger looks not only more realistic than in FM19 but also has more detailed attire – in this instance, a tie clip and buttons on his suit jacket and trousers. We’ve also added laces to the shoes and given them a more discernible shape. Similar to the kit textures, there are now creases and folds in the trousers and his shirt now fits more naturally around the base model.

The base model improvements have also been extended to the crowd as well.

Away from the player models, the pitches in FM20 have been enhanced compared to the previous examples in FM19.

A dry pitch in Football Manager 2020

Pitches are now affected by the weather in an obvious manner. During a game played in rainy conditions, for example, you’ll notice sodden patches appearing in certain sections of the pitch whereas if a game is played out during a period of sunny weather, you’ll notice the pitch will appear dried out and lighter in colour.

We’ve also added water and mud particles flying off from the surface of the pitch which will lead to visible deterioration of the pitch over the course of a match. One of the most noticeable examples of this is when players make slide tackles, leaving a trail behind them from where they’ve connected with the turf.

A damp grass pitch in Football Manager 2020

The lighting in FM20 has been improved as well due to the introduction of image-based lighting. This improves the level of shading and exterior lighting during the match, allowing everything to be lit more naturally.

Those are just some of the graphical improvements that you’ll find in the FM20 match experience. We’ll be revealing more match features next month ahead of the release of the public beta so keep an eye out for that.