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New Manager Induction

Football Manager 2019 introduces in-depth inductions on key aspects of the manager's experience. Inductions, which are essentially in-game, on screen tutorials, allow for new and less experienced players to get to grips with different responsibilities while providing new information that even the seasoned gaffers will find value in.

With a revamp in the training and tactic departments the inductions are there for you to maximise your potential as a manager. 

When starting a new game in Football Manager 2019 you have the option to state your experience with the FM series, this determines whether you receive inductions at the start of the tenure. We've picked out some highlights from the new inductions here, but we'll leave you to discover the rest. There is certainly value in the inductions no matter the experience of the manager - even people in the studio working on the game have been using them to learn about areas that they don't work on directly that have helped them become better managers. 


Induction Screen

With a new look to tactics in 2019, the induction focuses on giving a blueprint to players to mould their system from day one. The basic tactic can be selected from a list of examples common in modern football culture, focusing on the tactics in possession, in transition and out of possession. The tactics induction goes through the whole flow of the tactics screens, one by one, to give you a deep look at what is possible with the system. 


Induction Screen

The training induction takes you through new, deeper training features that gives far more responsibility to the manager. Results are made on the training ground in modern football with so much emphasis being put on intricate systems, both with and without the ball. The modern manager must control the training ground, tweaking his sessions as he sees fit. The training induction in FM19 allows you to do just that. 


Induction Screen

The scouting induction goes through the scouting centre, the player database and scout assignments to show you how to get the most out of the system. Only with an efficient scouting system, can you unearth the next wonderkid before your rival does. Sustained success in the market requires consistent scouting around the world to continue improving your squad year upon year. With such depth in the scouting centre, the induction is of value to both new players and veterans - especially those who want to customise the system to ensure that they are only seeing what they want to see in the scouting centre or their inbox. 

Medical Centre 

Induction Screen

A manager's medical staff are crucial to sustaining player conditioning, which allows you to take advantage of squad depth. The induction takes you through the centre's overview which delivers key information surrounding injury and injury risk. Risk assessments are carried out on a case-by-case basis based on an individuals workload, so keep an eye on player fitness and injury likeness to avoid those crucial setbacks. Getting familiar with your club's medical centre allows a manger to get the very best out of the squad and the induction is the perfect way to learn how to do so. 

Squad Dynamics 

Induction Screen

Keeping track of off-pitch factors is crucial to success once your team crosses the touchline. Dynamics allows a manager to visualise the squad's morale through analysing the dressing room atmosphere and match cohesion. The induction takes you through the importance of these factors with advice on how to keep your players motivated. 

In FM19, like in the real football world, there is a direct correlation between player morale and performance. Squad dynamics allows you to manage both the player and the person. 

Dynamics are driven by team leaders within the dressing room, this is displayed in the hierarchy that lists players by their influence and leadership. Getting onside with influential players is a great way of ensuring for high morale and clear communication, the induction is therefore key no matter the experience of the manager.

We feel the developed tutorials, or inductions, have gone a long way toward assisting all types of manager. The inductions reduce the learning curve for a new managers while widening the knowledge of the seasoned professionals.