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Scouting enhancements in FM20

We’ve been dropping features for the past month in lots of different ways. Headline feature blogs, GIF-style videos, Twitter polls, threads and we’ve even had a hand from the community along the way.

 All throughout this, we’ve only touched lightly on one important area: Scouting. 

Scouting enhancements in FM20

For many, scouting is one of, if not THE, most vital parts of Football Manager, it’s how you grow as a club as you look to find value in the transfer market by uncovering hidden gems. In order to develop wonderkids you must first unearth them, and it takes a good scouting team and process to do that.

FM20 Scouting Assignments

So, with that being said, let’s look at a few different ways that scouting has been improved in FM20. Ways in which we’ve been able to refine details to make scouting even more powerful, convenient and useful, giving you the edge in one of the most competitive parts of the footballing world. 

Scout reports are how your scouts communicate with you, they’re how you decide on that season-defining signing. They must be accurate and detailed while easily readable if they are going to help you make an informed decision. In FM20, we’ve taken steps to achieve this with enhancements to graphical information and better player comparisons. You’ll be given more useful information in a better layout with FM20’s enhanced reports.


Sam Dalby

As you can see, the improved visuals and colour-coding make each report easier to analyse and make every decision quicker – essential for when you’re flicking through dozens of reports on the sofa.  

Also new to FM20 are scouting reminders, another way in which your staff can assist you through your news items. When a player’s report goes out of date (after a substantial length of time) you might like to check up on him again, to see how he’s progressed since the last time you assigned someone to watch him. Perhaps he’s had an injury that’s impacted his development, or maybe he’s trained in a new position? Either way you’ll get reminders through your inbox to alert you just when you should think about sending the scouts back out to look up an old name. 

When a scout leaves the club the overall scouting process is disturbed. The data they’ve collected gets lost and their role as a cog within the department ends. If a scout has an assignment due, their departure disrupts those potential findings. In FM20 when a scout leaves the club their tasks are reassigned to the scouting pool, so the transition is as smooth as possible, allowing the rest of the team to pick up on their previous work. This all now happens smoothly behind the scenes, without you having to re-work the assignments or worry you’re missing out. 

On that theme, you now have more access to existing scout reports when you join a new club too. Now, when you take over at a new place, you’ll receive a welcome message from your Chief Scout explaining the work that’s already been done by their department. You can then access each of these reports on the ‘Scouted’ screen, getting more of a head-start on day one of your new adventure. This ensures you’re able to focus your scouts on areas you feel haven’t yet been covered, so you can utilise make the most of your workforce and use existing reports to fill in the rest of the picture. 

In FM19, we introduced general focuses to scouting assignments, the ability to focus on one area of a player’s ability in one location. Now, in FM20, managers have the ability to add multiple focuses to better hone in on the player pool they wish to explore. Not only that but we’ve also extended the duration that you can set these short-term focuses to giving scouting departments more time and flexibility when it comes to uncovering a gem.   

FM20 Short-term assignment focus

As well as introducing additional focuses to assignments we’ve also improved customisation options. You’re now able to customise the columns on the Scout and Analyst Priorities panels to zero in on the precise information you like to see from your Scouts and Analysts. This will inform a manager’s judgement on whether to keep or stop scouting or finally attempt to make a bid. 

Hopefully, throughout this blog we’ve been able to give you a taste of the ways we’ve tweaked, enhanced and improved scouting in Football Manager 2020. Be it new options a manager now possesses, changes to the UI or a smarter scouting department process.

To send the scouts out in search of a future star, pre-purchase FM20 now. Coming November 19th.