End of season

End of season

Campaigns are long and can often be strenuous. After all, it’s what your team produce on the pitch that matters most. When seasons come to an end your performance is scrutinised. Whether you like it or not football is a ‘results business’. So you need to enjoy your achievements when you can, learn from each season and make adjustments for greater success in the next one.

In FM21 we want the end of each season to mean something, not to simply blur into the next.

The End of Season Experience gives you the chance to pause and reflect on your team’s story and a campaign’s success.

Not only will the end of a long season feel bigger, but it'll look better too, with improvements to on-pitch trophy presentations and player animations.

We’ll be looking at two important areas that make up this revamp to every end-of-season period:

  • Celebrating Success
  • End of Season Review

Celebrating Success


In a job of many ups and downs, managers need to enjoy the highs – they might not last forever. You’re judged on your success on the pitch, so it’s only right that we celebrate those moments.

Trophy presentations have been significantly improved in FM21 to enhance the experience of winning silverware. Say goodbye to the old trophy animation and hello to a brand new, carefully crafted cut-scene. Now, you can watch your players celebrate the moment and collect their medals before the eagerly anticipated trophy-lift for the fans.

Confetti cannons, podiums, the media and the cups and trophies themselves all add to the event. You might even witness a lap of honour too, if you’re lucky.

And don’t worry, if you win a title away from the pitch because a rival drops points, your trophy celebrations will be kept on hold until your next game. So you always get to witness that magical moment, however it’s secured.

Post-match, once the spectacle has ended, there’ll be more media hype around you and your team too. With broadcast interviews and tailored questions from the media on your latest achievement, emulating the ‘in the moment’ nature of the real-world press.

Success in football doesn't just mean winning titles. Narrowly avoiding relegation on the final day of the season or securing that longed-for promotion are every bit as important. And if things don’t go your way, player animations will reflect the disappointment and dejection when that final whistle blows – let’s hope we don’t see too much of that...

End of Season Review


A few days after that final game of the season, you’ll be transported into a brand-new environment. Taking you out of your inbox and into a full season review where you’ll browse through the highs and lows of the campaign. You’ll go on this journey through the review no matter how successful your season has been, it’s not just for the lucky few that lifted trophies.

Here, not only will you get to revisit games but you’ll see your year in snapshot – reviewing your best XI, transfer business and significant results. 

Financial information will be broken down in a much more digestible manner so you can see the impact of the last season from every angle. Broadcast, commercial, shirt sales and much more, put it all into perspective before you go again next season and dive into the transfer budget.

This end of season review will group together all of the campaign’s accolades too, rounding up any awards you or your players have won throughout the season. These achievements will no longer be hidden away in your club’s information screens but brought to the fore for you to appreciate and remember.

The pack won’t just consist of stats either, but opinions too. With social media reaction, press snippets and board feedback to digest, you’ll really be able to see how your year has impacted the outside world – so let’s hope it’s a good season, right?

The Final Word

We know how focused a manager needs to be when it comes to winning trophies and now we’re giving you the much-needed time to reflect on your achievements and revel in your successes.

Don’t just skip past the celebrations, immerse yourself in them as you watch your captain hold aloft the cup you’ve been dying to win for the last four campaigns.

Every season is different and so is every end of season review you receive, making each achievement feel different, giving those managers who get lightyears into saves a chance to pause and recall those memorable moments.

Seasons now end with a bang, giving you not just a more visual conclusion to each campaign but all the crucial data and information needed to make adjustments before we go again.

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