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Football Manager 2019 kicks-off November 2nd.

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Football Manager Mobile 2018 Winter Update

The Football Manager Mobile 2018 Winter Update (v9.2) is now available to download on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. To get the update simply visit your relevant app store.

The Winter Update is already available on Football Manager 2018 (PC, MacOS, Linux) and Football Manager Touch 2018 (PC,  MacOS, Linx, iOS and Android).

With the Winter Update you can start a new save that includes all of the winter transfers, attribute updates and value changes from the 2017/18 season so far.

Further Football Manager Mobile 2018 v9.2 update changes include but aren’t limited to the following:

Added an information dialog when user tries to log in to Twitter without an internet connection
Attempted to improve long startup times seen by some users
Fix IGE issue where user could display player's wages as < 0
Fix position of pitch on OME (Super HD) 
Fixed a crash on booting the game
Fixed a crash on closing the game from multitasking pane 
Fixed a variable appearing in reserve player unhappiness news item
Fixed blank fixture/result screen for Championship playoff of Belgian second tier
Fixed clubs able to sign too many players in French Joker window
Fixed coach massively overrating a player based on a one-off high performance
Fixed display for names of created players on the squad list page 
Fixed division link for Portuguese third tier
Fixed formatting of position names in non-English languages
Fixed inconsistent positional ability when players play FL or FR
Fixed issue where past divisions were displaying the team's current competition logo throughout club history league grid rows
Fixed issue with B-team badges sometimes not displaying
Fixed issue with human bosman bids when a rival club makes a counter bid
Fixed issue with rogue transfer being displayed on player contract page
Fixed issues sorting released player lists
Fixed issues where staff were referred to with wrong gender
Fixed missing Next Match option with certain start dates
Fixed no news showing if your contract offer is rejected after winning an auction as a joint winner
Fixed obscure MyClub crash
Fixed opening fixture news dates
Fixed player history page if a player signs for a club after being on loan with them
Fixed player wrongly stated as banned for next game
Fixed rare crash on confirming player to exchange 
Fixed rare instance where the lower wage figure was more than the higher wage figure in scout report
Fixed several auction processing issues
Fixed some bids being incorrectly shown as 'undisclosed' when they shouldn't have been
Fixed start-up flow back button behaviour
Fixed team report stating team have struggled home or away without many games being played
Fixed team report tactic tiles not matching the user's current tactic 
Fixed transfer crash
Fixed various UI alignment issues
Improved assistant pick
Improved corner taker selection AI
Improved media text for rumours of a loan club signing a player who is with them
Made clubs a touch less picky about where they will let less skilled players go on loan
Made it more clear how to resign as a national team manager when managing both club & nation 
Made news item more decisive about what position it described a player as being
Made sure youth scouts only look at younger players when looking for suggested signings upon joining a club
Made the keyboard look nicer
Made various language improvements
Made wide wingers a bit more effective
Made youth scouts more likely to alert you to players with a lot of development to do
Optimised speed of player search slightly
Prevented adding history twice when player is released
Prevented invalid roles being present in formations
Prevented media speculation showing as 'end of contract' if the player isn't near his contract end
Prevented teams playing contain/overload quite as often and when not necessary
Slightly improved defensive midfielders
Stopped players being promoted or demoted on their own
Stopped the first game at new stadium news appearing when match at neutral venue
Stopped users entering excessively long team names which could cause instability
Tidied the Purchase Tutor dialog
Toned down player complaints over training slightly
Tuned effect of fining players
Tuned transfer values for minor clubs in inactive leagues
Tweaked various minor match issues
Tweaked young player training
Updated database to reflect winter transfer window
Used nation flags on some screens where generic badges used before

If you don’t have Football Manager Mobile 2018 you can download now to start playing with the updated squads straight away.


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