The final whistle has blown on Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2019 kicks-off November 2nd.

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Football Manager Touch 2018 Winter Update

The Football Manager Touch 2018 Winter Update (v18.3.0) is now available to download on desktop (PC, MacOS, Linux) and tablet (iOS and Android). To get the update simply quit and restart Steam or visit your relevant app store.

The Winter Update is already available on Football Manager 2018 on PC, MacOS and Linux and will follow soon for Football Manager Mobile 2018, keep an eye on the Football Manager social channels for news.

With the Winter Update you can start a new save that includes all of the winter transfers, attribute updates and value changes from the 2017/18 season so far.

Further Football Manager Touch 2018 v18.3.0 update changes include but aren’t limited to the following:

- Added database 18.3 to include winter transfer & data updates 

- Fixed rare crash during processing
- Fixed game freeze when attempting to upload highlight to YouTube
- Fixed crash on continue with edited data
- Fixed rare crash when loading save game
- Fixed freeze during penalty shootout
- Fixed crash during match
- Fixed rare crash that could occur after a match in Challenge mode
- Fixed rare scouting crash on continue

- Fixed rare ball physics bug
- Fixed team talk assistant advice when winning competition
- Fixed passing accuracy assistant feedback
- Fixed issue where stadium/players sometimes appear black
- Fixed score diverging in online matches
- Fixed issue where user was incorrectly being overlooked for management jobs 
- Improved logic in selecting the players who will be returned in certain scouting assignments 
- Fixed question incorrectly asked about chances of winning the league when already won
- Fixed player given leave of absence by club leaving national team setup
- Fixed instances of press and media carrying over previous manager’s pressure onto the new manager
- Fixed Chief Scout setting up assignments
- Fixed board confidence issue when playing Challenges in Ligue 2
- Fixed league expectations after starting a job not matching the contract offer

- Fixed Spanish Second Division Best Goalkeeper award being awarded to outfield players
- Bulgarian European Place Playoff now schedules not too late at end of season
- Updated Mexican Cup structure

- Fixed Unlimited Scouting unlockable

- Fixed Scouting Knowledge map not displaying in Scouting Centre
- Fixed Cross-Sync crash when trying to upload a save that's already in the cloud
- Fixed keyboard remaining on screen after selecting a player in game search


If you don’t have Football Manager Touch 2018 you can download now to start playing with the updated squads straight away.


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