Features and Upgrades in FM 2018

Watched all of the Football Manager 2018 feature videos but still want more?

We've been releasing some extra features and upgrades on the Football Manager social accounts, take a look below to make sure you've not missed any of the new additions to Football Manager 2018.

Transfer Centre Revamp
Screen revamp to improve the usability. The aim of the new look screen is to shift the focus towards it being a better overview of the deals the player has active and their current status

New Player Instructions
New player instruction for central players to run wide with the ball. You can now tell players in the CM, DM, DMC, SC and AMC roles to run wide with the ball.

Match Analysis
There are several new additions to the analysis area of the game, with players now able to see spaghetti maps, a top pass combiners table and the ability to filter passes by length and direction. The top pass combiners table helps to assess where a player's supply line comes from, and who thekey players are in passing moves.

Spaghetti maps are similar to heatmaps in that they show where a player has been on the pitch, thedifference being that spaghetti maps only show where the player goes with the ball at his feet.

In addition to all the current filtering options, we could allow the user to filter passes, shots, setpieces etc. based on the arrow length. This would allow the user to look exclusively at long punts or short passes for example, and getinstant feedback from the stat counts about how many of each type of pass their players have made.



You will now see occasional newgens that have the ability to break into the first-team aged 16-18with ability that is close to the mid-to-low point of players already in the first team.
As well as talented individual newgens, ‘golden generations’ can also come through the youthacademy. Newgens will also look older as the years go by.

Social Feed
The social media feed was introduced in FM 2017 as just text, in FM 2018 the posts will also include polls and images.

There have been several additions to the Steam leaderboards for FM 2018, players will now be able to see trophy count, award count, win percentage, career earnings and win, draw and loss columns.

Intention to Retire
You will now have the option to announce your intention to resign or retire at the end of the season to the board and then the media. You last home game and last game overall will be celebrated andlooking back at your successes with fan/ player testimonials.

New Stadium Plans
Social media content has been added for when a club announces news that they are building a newstadium.

Player Faces Former Club
When a player faces their former team, it will be discussed on social media.

Team talks
Team talks now include contextual information such as form, stakes, records and match stats to make team talks more relevant to the scenario.

Penalties When A Player Has Already Scored Two Goals
When a player is on a hat-trick and your team wins a penalty you will now get to decide whether to let him take the penalty or give it to your normal penalty taker.

New PPM – Crosses Early
There is now a new player preferred move so that they cross the ball into the box early.

Set More Than One Player to ‘Lurk Outside’ On Corners
Players have only ever been able to set one player to lurk outside the box at corners but you cannow select more players to do this.

Remove or Rethink B Club Finances
In most cases, the club as a whole manages finances, with B teams not having their own transfer and wage budgets. The finance tab for B clubs will now display the whole club’s finances.

Amateur side to semi-professional 
You can currently only request to make the jump from amateur to professional side, you now have the ability to request to your board that you’d like to become a semi-pro club.

Cloud Sync: Extend to sync other files types in addition to save games
Players will now have the ability to sync tactics and shortlists to the cloud, not just their save game. This means they will be able to access them on other devices.

Windows HiDPI detection/handling
Equivalent support on Windows to the Mac's retina display

Change manager profile from the start screen
In FM 2018 you will be able to change your manager avatar’s appearance from your latest save on the start screen without having to load your save – and can edit it in-game too.

Joining another club at the end of the season
If a player has decided to join another club at the end of the season then they will be unable to handle and transfer or contract negotiations at their current club.

Arabic and Hebrew
Support for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, which are read right to left via the community translation tool.

Play Status Flag Improvements
Player status flags are being improved to include more information when it comes to players retiring, having slight concerns, being tutoring, learning, being drafted and when they are unhappy that the manager has backed down.

MLS Expansion
LAFC will be fully playable in FM 2018 from the 2018 MLS season.

There are now more levels of morale in the game, with clearer descriptions.

ABBA penalties
The new “ABBA” penalty shootout system is implemented.