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  • Glory in your pocket. Smash through the seasons with a fresh look, more players and loads more control . 

  • The game everyone loves, with more reasons to love it. More depth, emotion and control than you could possibly imagine.

  • The buzz of the big leagues with none of the build-up. New graphics, better scouting and tons more. 

Like A Boss Challenge

Watch Manny and Tobi go head-to-head to see who’s crowned the boss of the family. They’re joined over 6 challenges by Calfreezy, Miniminter, Chris MD and Wroetoshaw.

Play FM Like a Boss

Here's a quick and simple guide to help kick-start your career in management. 


Choose Your Club

Work your way up or start at the top? With over 50 countries and 2,500 leagues in our database, you'll soon find the right team to begin your career.

Your Team

Once you've picked your club, it's time to see which players will make the cut.

Your Reports

Get an idea of your team's strengths and weaknesses and find room to improve.

Your Tactics

Find your best formation, ideal line-up, mentality and shape based on your Assistant Manager's report.

The Right Talent

You've clocked your weaknesses, now it's time to sort them. And that's where your Backroom Staff come into play. 


Interested in a player? A scout will find them, report back and tell you whether they're worth signing or not.


Once you've found a player, it's bid time. Aim close-ish to their estimated value - go high and you'll stand more of a chance of signing them, too low and you'll likely be sent packing, unless they're on the transfer list.


See how well you're going down with the team when your first game comes around.

The View

There's different ways to watch your match, including zoomable cameras, top-down birdseye view and even text commentary. Have a play around and find something you like.

In-Game Management

Down a goal at home to the sound of boos? Turn things around by making substitutions and tactical changes from the in-match menus.

After the Game

Whatever the result, make sure you check out the post-match analysis for a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

Ready to Boss It?