Football Manager 2017 Editor Blog

With the release of Football Manager 2017 almost upon us, here’s a brief overview of the changes and additions that have been made to the In-Game and Pre-Game Editors.



Since its introduction in Football Manager 2014, the In-Game Editor has been a popular addition to the FM player’s toolkit. As with all elements of the game, ideas and feedback from our community often gives us inspiration to add new functionality and features.

For FM 2017, we’ve added the option to give a player a transfer value when you move him between clubs. When you move players this way the game will react as if the transfer had happened organically, including agent fees as well as fees relating to the player’s current contract. These moves are affected by your board restrictions though, so if you’re working under ‘lower fee retained from your transfers’ conditions you’ll only see a percentage of the sale rather than the full amount… something to bear in mind when moving players out of your club.

Previous versions of the In-Game Editor have only allowed for the movement of manager from club to club, but from this year national team managers can be moved too. This feature applies to both your own in-game profile as well as the AI managers, so you are free to appoint yourself as manager of any national team that takes your fancy.

We’ve also added the option to select all players in your club (including youth and reserve) when performing tasks such as removing bans and injuries or changing morale and happiness, which can be useful when you have issues affecting the entire club. Previously these tasks would have had to be carried out on a ‘player by player’ basis.

Other improvements include the ability to edit reputations for reserve teams in competitive leagues, edit monthly loan fees, move a player on a loan deal (not just a transfer) and change the condition of stadiums. Finally, we’ve made a number of general usability improvements too.


Pre-Game Editor

One of the most requested features this year in the Pre-Game Editor was a change to how competition boundaries are set. As a result, it’s now possible to use local regions, so you can confine your competitions to regional groups or even limit them to particular cities.

We’ve also included a more detailed explanation of the different editor options and how they’re used, which should make the whole experience of using the editor much easier for new and existing users and allow everyone to benefit fully from the Editor’s full power.

For those who like to create entirely new teams, we’ve added an option to create random kits. It’s even possible to ‘group select’ clubs and randomise all of their kits at once. Doing this ensures that all of the selected clubs will have different coloured kits with different styles.

We’ve also added an ‘undo’ feature, meaning that changes to competition rules can be undone by using a slider to determine how many you’d like to revert, while database changes are now grouped into a single place where they can be removed individually or all at once.

And there are plenty more changes too, including the ability to add non-player future transfers to the editor, add dates/season into the top goalscorer record for competitions, there are new custom filters, you can change domestic competition colours, there are some new basic rules (such as third-place play-off functionality) and the computer can even help fill in a player’s missing stats by being able to choose his role.