Football Manager Touch 2017 Update 17.2.0

A Football Manager Touch 2017 update (v17.2.0) is now available for PC/Mac/Linux, iPad and Android tablets. 

Updates include but are not limited to the following:

- Fixed rare instances of crash on continue
- Prevent 'No Registered Version of FMT 2017' error appearing incorrectly for some users when trying to access Cross-Save on Tablet
- Fixed occasional match divergence when reloading recovery saves on Tablet
- Match Performance Improvements for lower spec iOS devices. 
- Improved match stability when using sounds on Tablet devices.

- Match AI updated to 1703
- Fixes and improvements to various Match Graphics 
- Fixed issue in Austrian leagues which prevented staff in certain roles from being appointed 
- Adjusted German players willingness to move clubs 
- Fixed issue where players asked to be removed from the transfer list, but were not
- Adjusted payments received for players they had offered out on loan 
- Adjusted likelihood of user in charge of an international team being offered club role 
- Fixed rare examples of players complaining about being left out of continental squads for rounds they are unavailable for
- Fixed issue where user couldn't postpone game due to large number of international call ups in MLS
- Fixed hotseat issue where holidaying one manager past a match, also continued the other manager past their match
- Fixed issue where user is incorrectly asked about facing newly appointed manager
- Fixed various issues with records and odds
- Fixed derby question appearing for non-derbies
- Adjusted effect of training intensity on injuries
- Fixed examples of league enforced stadium upgrades going wrong
- Improved Tottenham’s attendances when switching grounds
- Fixed manager profile reverting to default setup
- Fixed issue with match formation widget not updating when players swapped
- Fixed Heat Map not working in Match Analysis on Tablet
- Fixed missing information in opposition scout report inbox items
- Fixed match report button displaying an empty screen
- Improvements to Match Plan default presets
- Fixed issue where tactical familiarity could be displayed
- Fixed issue with match preparation suggestion appearing in news items

- Fixed rare issue where certain leagues wouldn't schedule after season turnover
- Fixed issue with Bulgarian league playoff
- Fixed Home/Away games imbalance after Scottish Premier League split
- Fixed prize money for French Ligue 1 and Betfred Cup.
- Fixed loaned in players not being able to play in Swiss Cup
- Fixed issue with regionalisation in Swedish Second Division
- Fixed Israeli Toto Cup schedule and teams in correct groups
- Correct Belgian clubs now qualify for European competitions
- Improved scheduling for Belgian, Russian and Ukrainian clubs in European competitions
- Fixed issue where we were not taking the strongest line up for Portuguese Cup Competitions

- Fixed unlockables not unlocking on Tablet when user had gotten the corresponding achievement through gameplay
- Prevent Challenge Master achievement unlocking on Tablet before user had completed all challenges
- Fixed Value for Money achievement not unlocking  on Tablet for certain start date
- Fixed codes displaying in the descriptions of store items in some languages on Android.