Sega Management Collection Bundle

Valentine's Day may be over but Sega are still delivering a present you'll LOVE...

The complete 'Management Collection' bundle is available now on Steam at the tasty price of £39.99 - or you can pick up the games individually, each at a knocked-down price.

The bundle includes: 

  • Football Manager 2017 (Windows/macOS/Linux) - 33% OFF if purchased individually (which includes Football Manager Touch 2017 for Windows/macOS/Linux)
  • Football Manager Touch 2017 (Windows/macOS/Linux) - 33% OFF if purchased individually
  • Motorsport Manager (Windows/macOS/Linux) - 50% OFF if purchased individually
  • Eastside Hockey Manager (PC only) - 50% OFF if purchased individually

To make the most of this offer, you’ll need to have the deal completed by 6pm GMT on February 17th. 

Visit the Steam website for full details