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FM Sponsors The Offside Rule: WSL Edition

Football Manager has signed a deal to be the proud new sponsor of The Offside Rule: WSL Edition podcast which secures the show’s survival until the end of the Women’s Super League season.

FM Sponsors The Offside Rule: WSL Edition

It was announced earlier this week that the WSL Edition podcast would be going off the air because of a lack of sponsorship so we stepped in as soon as we heard about the situation.

The WSL Edition is an off-shoot of the popular The Offside Rule podcast and focuses on the big stories in women’s football and the Women’s Super League. It is the only podcast that analyses every Women’s Super League game and plays an important role in raising awareness of the women’s game.

Our gaffer, Miles Jacobson, said this about the deal: “It might seem strange that a computer game that doesn’t feature women’s football have stepped in to ensure that a podcast about women’s football stays on the air, but we’ve been very clear in the past that the only reason that we don’t yet have women’s football in the game is one of financial viability, a problem that is only highlighted by the potential demise of a great podcast about the sport.

We need excellent shows like The Offside Rule: WSL Edition to continue to push the sport to more and more people so that our dreams of adding women’s leagues to FM can be fulfilled in the hopefully not too distant future but without it, and shows like it, the sport itself has a much smaller chance to break through that glass ceiling that it’s constantly facing despite the great work that the clubs and FA are doing to help it get there.”

You can check out the full back catalogue of The Offside Pod: WSL Edition here.