• 1. With Football Manager I’ve experienced a crash or the game fails to launch, where can I get help?

    If you find you’re having problems when playing or trying to run Football Manager, Football Manager Touch, Football Manager Mobile or Football Manager Xbox Edition across any format, we’d very much recommending visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.

    These include a number of troubleshooting suggestions which should hopefully allow you to find a solution to your issue and get you back up and running.

    If you find that despite having tried all these suggestions you still require further assistance, please use our ‘Submit a Request’ form to log a support ticket that our team can reply to directly. Please include as much information as you can in relation to your issue, so our team will be able to help as quickly as possible.

  • 2. I think I’ve found a bug whilst playing Football Manager, where’s the best place to raise it?

    If you find an issue in one of our games or something isn’t working as expected, we have a passionate and dedicated Sports Interactive (SI) Community Forum which is full of answers, clued up FM players, moderators and SI Staff who can take a look.

    We have dedicated bug forums for our games which are monitored by our QA team during normal working hours (weekdays 10am-6pm). 

    We very much appreciate everyone who takes the time to raise issues with us, it allows our QA team to review and log examples for our development team to investigate for future game updates. 

    When raising an issue on the Bugs Forum we recommend using our Bug Logging Template to make sure the issue is laid out as clearly as possible. If you feel a save game would be useful for our QA team in order to reproduce the issue and enabling us to potentially address it quicker, you can use our File Upload Service, which doesn’t require any sign up or software and is very easy to use. Please when uploading save games remember to clearly state the save game file name in any post you make. 

    Bear in mind your issue may have been raised previously, so we’d always suggest doing a search to see if your issue is already known and whether a member of the SI team have already provided some information. 

  • 3. How can I provide feedback on player ratings and data in game?

    A huge part of what makes Football Manager as enjoyable as it is, is the mind-boggling amount of data within the game. Our data appears everywhere, it’s not just whether someone is good at heading, but it covers all the various clubs around the world, all players, non-playing staff, referees, and every single listed attribute for everything you see in game.

    We have over a thousand researchers scouting around the world to provide as accurate information as possible and we are always looking for people to help us where they can.

    If you have information which you believe will help us make improvements in the game, please raise them via our Database and Research forums. This area is broken down into sections (both by country and continental competition) allowing you to comment on specific teams and players from that nation. 

    When doing so, we ask everyone to follow a three-point plan when posting:

    • State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.             
    • State what you think the data should be.                           
    • State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.      

    As much of the data is subjective, we ask that you to respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our assigned club researchers and our heads of research for each country.    

    We’re also looking for volunteers to join our dedicated external scouting team. If you’re interested in doing so, a full list of vacancies and how to put your name forward can be found via our Research and Scouting section.

    For an idea of what’s involved in the research process we’d very much recommend reading our ‘Researcher Interviews’ via The Byline, compiled from our heads of research in Argentina, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa and Switzerland. 


    South Africa

  • 4. I just can’t seem to win any matches or I’m doing badly, where can I get help?

    We’ve all been there when things just don’t seem to be working. Defenders making mistakes, strikers missing chances and the fans starting to get on your back. There’s one thing we’ve found over the years, it’s that if you don’t get your tactics right, even the best players won’t be able to play to their maximum potential. 

    Fear not, as on The Byline we’ve taken a look at a number of tactical elements which will allow you to improve results on the pitch. Compiled by some well-known writers within the Football Manager community, they look at everything from building a tactic from scratch to the finer details of mastering throw-in routines.

    That’s not all though, we also have a dedicated Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion section on our community forums. 

    This section is filled with a number of guides and threads discussing tactical setups and those important building blocks allowing you to learn how your decisions can directly influence your team. There’s also, for those of you looking for a quick fix, a separate Tactics Sharing Centre where you can download tactics created by some of the wisest members of our community, or even upload your own to allow others to benefit from your mastery. 

  • 5. What’s the difference between all the Football Manager titles and which is best for me?

    Football Manager 2022 comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The desktop version is available on PC and Mac via Steam, Epic Games and the Windows Store.

    Bespoke for Xbox, Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition has been tailored for console play on the biggest stages. Much like FM22 Touch (Nintendo Switch™), it’s perfect for those looking for the detail of the desktop title in a more streamlined format.

    Compact and without compromising on detail, Football Manager 2022 Mobile is the premier smartphone football management game designed for faster player, wherever and whenever.

    For more detail on the game modes available, and the other key differences between out platforms, dive into the Compare Games page.

  • 6. What is FMFC, how can I sign up and what are the benefits of doing so?

    FMFC is our exclusive members hub, giving Football Manager fans the chance to access game and studio news, feature drops, and gameplay inspiration before anyone else. 

    Content on FMFC is both exclusive and, where possible, tailored to the game and platform you play on, with insider tips and guides to support your careers. This is made possible by linking your FMFC profile to your Epic or Steam account or by telling us which of our games it is that you play. 

    Over time, we’ll learn more about the needs of our players and be better placed to support your journey with the right content at the right times.  

    Another perk of joining FMFC is gaining access to member-only incentives and competitions – a sort of contract bonus and our way of saying thanks for your commitment to the club.

  • 7. Is there any way I can try the game for free before buying?

    If you’d like to try Football Manager for free, we have playable demos available for Football Manager 2022 (Steam/Epic).

    The demo is the full version running for six months of in-game time, giving you plenty of opportunity to get stuck into managing a club of your choosing. Any career started in the demo can be loaded and continued in the full version if you decide to upgrade to the full version by purchasing the game.

    These free demos can be downloaded and installed from the following store pages:

    Football Manager 2022 (Steam)
    Football Manager 2022 (Epic)

  • 8. What are the best places to find out all the latest news on Football Manager?

    To stay up to date with the latest Football Manager news, make sure you’re following us on social media. 

    Twitter: @FootballManager
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/footballmanager/
    Instagram: @FootballManager
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWpuQCtigHebT0oRtFy7Gw 

    Also make sure to regularly check the news page of the Football Manager website, where you’ll find information on sales, giveaways, releases and ongoing projects.

  • 9. How can I check whether I can run Football Manager Touch on my Tablet or Phone?

    You can check our compatibility list for Football Manager 2021 Touch here, which lists all officially supported tablet devices across Android and iOS.

  • 10. How can I get an idea or a new feature into Football Manager?

    We’ve found that over the years a huge number of our fans have had great ideas for making Football Manager even better, so much so that a lot of their suggestions have ended up in the game. 

    Due to this, we created a dedicated space on our community forums for requesting new features for our Football Manager games across all formats. Whether it’s a tweak to something already existing in game or something completely brand new, our features team will read every idea suggested. The best of these will then be put forward to our internal features database for final review and scheduling for a future version.

    The forums can also be a great place to bounce ideas off other members of the FM community, enabling you to flesh out ideas with contributions from elsewhere. We’ve even had some posters produce their own mock-ups showing us how they think it could appear in game. 

    When creating a thread on our Feature Request forums, we suggest labelling it in one of two ways:

    • [Discussion] - For any feature/idea you feel needs fleshing out, needs a bit of feedback from others or is a general discussion about how to change an area of the game. 
    • [Suggestion] - A fully fledged idea you feel is ready for consideration.

    We have to say that whilst no direct credit or payment can be given for any idea, the real satisfaction is seeing your idea in a Football Manager title in the future!


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