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Manage the world's favourite next-gen football club - for FREE

We’ve joined forces with our mates at Hashtag United to bring you something very special indeed… a FREE single-season version of Football Manager 2019 which allows you to take control of this one-of-a-kind football team and guide them through their debut season in the English football pyramid.

Manage the world's favourite next-gen football club - for FREE

Football Manager 2019: The Hashtag United Challenge is available now to download and play on Steam, allowing you to manage either Hashtag United or one of their rivals in the Thurlow Nunn Eastern Senior League (South).

Hashtag United

In the Hashtag Challenge managers are limited to one league and one season, but other than that this is a fully-playable version of FM19 – including the brand new tactical setup, training revamp and new manager induction system.

We’ve worked very closely with both Hashtag United and the league to generate authentic player data and create the immersive experience Football Manager is known for. Anyone who’s followed Hashtag’s journey to date will feel familiar with regards to the players’ strengths, weaknesses and unique attributes.

Hashtag line-up

You won’t be able to entice them to play in this division, but the world’s best footballers are in the scouting pool, allowing you to dream ahead to a day when Hashtag could be in the mix for their signatures. For the time being you’ll have to navigate through the bargain basement, where there’s plenty of options to strengthen your squad if you so desire.

With Hashtag currently riding high in the league, the question remains – can you take them all the way? Find out now by visiting the Hashtag United Challenge page on Steam. 

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