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Versus Mode returns to Football Manager for FMFC members

Versus Mode is back, giving FMFC members the opportunity to challenge each other for the ultimate online bragging rights.

Since its launch in November 2020, FMFC, the Football Manager members club, has offered exclusive access to feature news, competitions, events and even the opportunity for members to appear in the game. With the new-look Versus Mode, members can now compete against one another in a variety of tournament formats. 

Versus Mode returns to Football Manager for FMFC members

Versus Mode allows players to test themselves and their teams against other managers in a head-to-head environment to prove their Football Manager skills to their friends and the world. Players can export their favourite teams from Career mode to use in Versus Mode or choose a team from any of the playable leagues. 

Formerly part of Football Manager Classic and Football Manager Touch (PC/Mac), Versus Mode joins Fantasy Draft and Online Career as one of the three exciting multiplayer game modes available in Football Manager 2022 (PC/Mac). 

It’s the closest thing to an ‘instant play’ mode available in FM22, allowing you to also test out tactics and players against the AI. 

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How to Access Versus Mode

To start playing Versus Mode in FM22, you’ll need to use the sign-up/sign-in panel on the game start screen to sync the game up with your FMFC account. 

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to jump straight in to Versus Mode and start putting your skills to the test.

VM Infographic

For more info on how to make the most of your Versus Mode experience, check out our dedicated support blog.

Note: We’re aware that a delay arises when another manager joins a game as a spectator. We’re working on ways to rectify this and hope to release a fix in the Final Winter Update. As always, your feedback is essential to help us improve your experience – if you find any other issues please log them on our community forums. We will also be gathering wider feedback from FMFC members in the coming weeks via a dedicated Versus Mode survey.


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