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Get 20% Off Football Manager 2024 now

Find a new club to treasure and start your season today with FM24 now on sale across selected platforms*.

FM24 (PC/Mac), FM24 Console (Xbox) and FM24 Touch (Nintendo Switch™) are all available at 20% until 3pm GMT on Wednesday, 21st February. FM24 Console on PlayStation 5 will be discounted until 3pm GMT on Wednesday, 28th February.

Get 20% Off Football Manager 2024 now

FM24 is the most complete edition in the history of the series and is packed with new additions and upgrades that elevate your game experience.

Take inspiration on where to start your next career from the real world of football, where clubs across Europe are battling to break the status quo. Alternatively, why not bring forward your existing progress from FM23?

The ability to carry careers forward means that you can continue your legacies in FM23 Console and FM23 Touch through to FM24 Console and FM24 Touch respectively.

To identify which of our titles is best for you, check out our dedicated Compare Games page.

*This promotion does not apply to FM24 Touch (Apple Arcade) or FM24 Mobile.

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