Define Your Style with FM24 Mobile’s Manager Titles

Whether it's outsmarting their rivals on matchday or showing their expertise in the transfer market, every football manager has their own approach. 

In Football Manager 2024 Mobile, we've given you more tools to define your style with the addition of new manager titles. These titles will influence your players' opinions of you and can also help get potential signings over the line if your style suits their personality.

There are 16 Manager Titles in total for you to unlock in your FM24 Mobile careers - in this guide, we'll dive into each one and explain how they can help or hinder you.  

Define Your Style with FM24 Mobile’s Manager Titles

FM24 Mobile’s Manager Titles are divided across four categories: Tactical, People Management, Squad Building and Specialism.

You’ll unlock these titles through general gameplay during your careers. You can lose titles along the way, so don’t rest on your laurels.

You can unlock some of the titles concurrently, but only one from each category can be active at a time. Choose wisely, as they’ll influence how your path to glory unfolds. 


Master of the Dark Arts

Does your team often pick up several cautions during matches? You’ll gain this title if you regularly play an abrasive style of football. Players who will respond positively to this title include those with a Workhorse, Intelligent, or Determined personality. 


Do you often have the fans on their feet thanks to the exciting football being played in front of them? The Entertainer title is unlocked if your team regularly finds the back of the net. Having this title on your CV will positively impact players with Creative, Technical and Professional personalities. 

Bus Driver

If you often grind out victories by playing defensive football and keeping clean sheets, this will be right up your street. Some of your squad will respond positively to this title including players described as Hardworking, Work Horses or Intelligent.

The Professor 

The last one in the Tactical section is perfect for those who often tinker with their tactical styles and their starting lineup. Players can be impacted both positively and negatively by this title, including those who are Adaptable or Creative.

Great Entertainer


Promotion Specialist 

More than 230,000 players have successfully led their teams to promotion in FM24 Mobile. If you're one of these managers, and have achieved multiple promotions, you'll have this title unlocked as a mark of your success. This will have positive effects on players who are Ambitious, Consistent, and Determined.

Survival Specialist 

If you have defied the critics on numerous occasions and kept the favourites for relegation in the division, you’ll unlock this. Having the title of a Survival Specialist will positively impact players who are Loyal, Leaders, and Team Players.


Whether it’s cup finals or promotion play-offs, are you always the bridesmaid and never the bride? If so, you’ll unlock this unwanted reputation. As you may expect, this title will have a negative impact on some players, including those who are Ambitious or struggle with Pressure.

Trophy Hoarder

If the trophies just keep on coming, you’ll unlock this title in no time. Whether you’re winning a top-flight crown or clinching a cup double, consistent success is sure to impress potential signings. Winning title after title will bring positive reactions from players who are Ambitious, Hardworking, and Determined.


People Management

Hair Dryer

We all have different styles when it comes to people management – this no-nonsense title recognises those bosses that are the most demanding of their players. This will have a positive impact on those who react best to a more direct style of management, including those who are Aggressive, Hardworking, or Team Players

Star Maker

There’s no better feeling than when one of your young players wins a Player of the Month award and dedicates it to you. This title celebrates managers who get the very best out of their players and will bring a positive reaction from those who are Ambitious, Hardworking, or Consistent.


Are you more of a hands-on coach with your players? Whether you decide to retrain several players in new roles, put them on intensive training, or have regular one-to-one conversations with your stars, this could be ideal for you if player development is a key part of your philosophy. Using this title will positively impact players who are Ambitious, Adaptable, and Professional.


It only takes one moment of inspiration to turn a match around. If you regularly overcome adversity throughout the season with your powers to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, you'll be on your way to unlocking this title. Being a Resolute manager will see a positive reaction from players who are Hardworking, Determined, or a Leader.


Squad Building


If you believe that youth development is your path to success and consistently promote from your academy, you’ll earn the reputation of Nurturer. 

This title will make your club more attractive to possible new signings and increase the chances having a request to improve the clubs’ youth facilities accepted. 

Penny Pincher 

While some managers may choose to splash out on high-priced stars, your approach is to find hidden gems and nurture free agents. Your frugal philosophy earns you a reputation for shrewdness.

Having this title unlocked also boosts your chances of securing a larger transfer budget and catching the eye of clubs in need of financial prudence. In addition, you can prove that success doesn't always require breaking the bank.

Big Spender

Conversely, if you always spend every penny you've got - whether it’s on a star signing or a handful of new recruits – you’ll gain this title.

Spending lots has two effects: it’ll make you appealing to clubs with good finances but less attractive to those with money issues.

Money Maker

Do you often sign players who you go on to sell for a profit just a few seasons later? Or perhaps you constantly haggle with your rivals for better transfer deals? If this sounds like something you may do, this title will be heading your way sooner rather than later. 

Keep buying and selling players for a profit and you’ll see the chances of having that training facilities upgrade approved increase… 

Manager Profile

Which titles will you earn on your way to glory in FM24 Mobile, available exclusively on Netflix Games? Let us know on our social channels @FootballManager...


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