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Football Manager 2024 Mobile – New Features Revealed

Experience the fast-paced thrill of football management with the arrival of Football Manager 2024 Mobile on November 6th, exclusive for Netflix members.

Ahead of this year’s release, a host of new features have been introduced to elevate your career as you look to fast-track your way to footballing glory, including…

Football Manager 2024 Mobile – New Features Revealed

Prepare for battle with the new Pre-Match Hub

Whether it’s a title decider, a cup final or a regular midweek league match, getting key insights about your upcoming opponents can help you outsmart your rivals on the pitch.

In FM24 Mobile, the new Pre-Match Hub bring you up to speed on all the hot topics before those all-important games, including tactics, scouting reports, analysis and key stats.

Your opponents strengths, weaknesses and form are all here - giving you the perfect pre-match insight to exploit any vulnerabilities.

Your reports will also reveal a predicted starting line-up, their danger-men and reveal their style of play. Are your tactics set up to beat your rivals, or do you need to head back to the tactics board?

Match Expectations will also inform you of the media’s pre-match prediction, how your board thinks things will pan out, and the thoughts of your fans. Alongside this, you'll get a clear sense of your player's mood and clearly see who is ready to battle for the win.

With all the key pre-match information at your fingertips right up until matchday, the Pre-Match Hub will keep you fully prepared as you look to tweak your tactics and shuffle your line-up for the big game.

A revamped interface for Squad and Tactics

Picking your strongest team for a big game will always give you the best chance of victory – and that may require tinkering with your setup from time to time.

Before you take to the field, you’ll notice that a reworked design for the Squad and Tactics screen will make it easier to pick and swap players, as well as fine-tuning key player roles.

When replacing a player in your squad, you’ll be given a list of the best options you have along with information about their Ability, Aptitude and Condition. If your No-Nonsense Centre-Back has been ruled out, you’ll be shown a list of suitable replacements – do you go for an experienced head, or a promising youngster?

Squad and tactics

If a player has been underperforming in recent weeks, and you’re weighing up whether to bench him, you’ll be able to compare against a potential replacement. For example, if your Inside Forward has struggled to find the back of the net, you’ll be able to see who his positional rivals are, giving you the option to shake things up in attack.

Squad and tactics

React to key moments with an enhanced Match Experience

Sometimes your pre-match strategy might not go to plan. Injuries in the game can derail your team, and you may be forced into a tactical rethink if you’re under a bit of pressure. 

In FM24 Mobile, new in-match notifications will make it easier than ever to change your setup when your team needs it the most. For example, if your star striker has picked up a knock, you’ll be given the option to replace him immediately – with the player’s Current Ability, Morale and Condition helping you to choose the best replacement.

Player Knock

If your team are desperate for a goal in the dying embers of the game and you get a late corner, the option to send your keeper forward will appear – will you take the risk or play it safe?

You’ll also be given the chance to change your penalty taker if their body language is poor, if they haven’t scored in a while or if a non-designated taker is on a hat-trick – after all, who would want to deny them that glory?

An enhanced system for changing mentalities will also give you more freedom to choose your desired approach. If you’re holding on for a vital win against your rivals and your backs are up against the wall, you can now more easily switch to a defensive mentality to help contain the opposition.

Match experience

It’s also easier to make substitutions in-game now with an additional option available on the bottom of your screen during the match, helping you to quickly make those all-important tactical tweaks in crucial moments.

With a sleeker, enhanced match experience, you’re now able to react quicker to key moments and make big calls along the way.

Reflect on your performance with the Post-Match Hub

Whether you win, lose or draw, having feedback each game will help you strive for more.

A new post-match hub will give you an overview of how the game went, with match stats, player analysis, reactions and more now available for you to digest right after the full-time whistle. 

This will give you the tools to look at where things went well and where they could be improved, along with reactions from key members of the club – whether they are elated or deflated, the Hub will let you know the mood of your players. 

Alongside this, following the introduction of pre-match and half-time team talks in FM23 Mobile, you’re now able to gather your players for a post-match team meeting in the Hub.

Congratulate your players on a job well done, or call them in for extra training – the choice is yours…

Team meeting

Get up to speed with overhauled onboarding

To help you reach the top of the game in FM24 Mobile, a revamped onboarding system will help you get to grips with the world of football management.

In-game guidance for areas like navigation, tactics and player development are all implemented, helping you to speed towards those all-important matchdays.

For example, when setting up a tactic, an overview of each tactical approach will appear, helping to explain the differences between tactics like Route One football and Tiki-Taka. Hoof it long, play out from the back, counter-attack - your tactical style is up to you.


Alongside this, you’ll be shown the strengths and weaknesses of each tactic for your team – so, for Route One football, if your team has some aerially powerful strikers, then this may be the tactic for you.

With this guidance implemented across the game, you’ll be better informed about the importance of each screen, and how each area can benefit you in your quest to become the world’s best. 

Develop a Managerial Reputation

In FM24 Mobile, you can now earn reputation titles as you progress through your career based on your tactical approach, personality and transfer decisions, which can provide benefits too…

If you’ve developed a reputation for developing youngsters into top players, you’ll receive a reputation title as a Star Maker. If you’re then in the market to sign a wonderkid for your team, they might see your club as the perfect stepping stone based on your reputation.

Manager Reputation Titles

You can also earn reputation titles through your people management style. If you’re someone who isn’t afraid to let the team know they’re underperforming, you may find yourself with a Hair Dryer reputation title – but that could encourage your players to work that extra bit harder. 

Your players may also react more to your reputation. Some players may be happy to have a half-time dressing down, while others may respond negatively – so keep an eye out for their reactions…

Discover a new league

The long-awaited journey to Japan has arrived with the Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J1, J2 and J3 leagues fully unlocked and playable on FM24 Mobile.

With an incredible wealth of talent, as demonstrated by the success of Japanese players across the European stage, you will now be able to manage and scout the nation for future prospects and first-team starters as you look to recruit the right players for your club.

The best of the rest

  • Uncover fully updated team, player and competition data in FM24 Mobile. The inclusion of starting injuries from the database, along with a larger number of national team players, will help give the richest and most complete game world yet. 
  • A brand-new load & save screen will allow you to manage and track multiple careers, each with dedicated folders to help you organise your managerial personas.

With many new additions to FM24 Mobile ahead of its release on Netflix Games, you’re better placed than ever to achieve success in the race to the top of world football. 

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