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Become a Newgen in Football Manager 2024 with FMFC

Football Manager 2024 gives you the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a real manager, taking charge of the world’s biggest clubs and battling for football’s top trophies. 

We’re now offering our FMFC members the chance to go a step further and add themselves to the FM24 database as a newgen. A personalised FMFC 24 home shirt will also be sent to the winner.  

A newgen is a newly generated player or staff member, one that doesn't exist in real life but comes through in your game world as your save game progresses. 

It's these newgens that we usually form our closest attachments to as Football Manager players, as wonderfully illustrated by the stories our FMFC members shared with us last year when we created our dream Newgen XI.

The lucky winner will be able to personalise many elements of their newgen’s profile. This ranges from their full name and nationality to the languages they speak, their height, favourite club and preferred position. 

Previous winners have elected to enter the game as strikers but you can be whatever you want, including a member of staff. Do you see yourself as a shot-stopping Goalkeeper or will you be inspired by one of FM24’s headline additions and choose to be a Set Piece Coach?

The ability and reputation of your newgen is entirely random, as is the point at which they enter your game world. You could appear in the first season but you might not until 10 years down the line. Likewise, you won’t be a five-star prospect every time but finding out how good you are, and sharing that moment with your friends, is well worth the wait.

Entries for this competition close at 10am on Friday, 2nd February, with the winner set to enter FM24 in our next update. Terms and conditions apply. 

Become a Newgen in Football Manager 2024 with FMFC


This competition is an FMFC exclusive. If you’re already an FMFC member, login to your account, head to Member Rewards and click on the Enter Now button. 

If you’re not a member, don’t miss out. Sign up to the squad today and get your entry in before the deadline.

The winner will be contacted within a working week of the competition closing.

Best of luck!


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