Eight tips for developing your club’s reputation in Football Manager 2024

When starting a new career in Football Manager 2024, most of us have the same goal of taking our new club to the very top of the footballing world. 

Developing their reputation isn’t as simple as results and tactical prowess on Matchday though. To rise up the in-game rankings, you’ll have to show your skills in developing young talents, managing your club’s finances and being a strategic decision-maker. 

Here, SteinkelssonFM provides eight top tips for shaping your club into a powerhouse in FM24. 

Eight tips for developing your club’s reputation in Football Manager 2024

Financial Mastery

Let’s start with some of the things that you can do off the pitch to help build your club’s reputation.

Maintaining a healthy financial position has always been important but as the real world of football has shown this season, it’s more important than ever if you want to progress. 

Recruitment is where you’ll need to show some prudent money management. Having a strategy of signing players that you can develop and then sell for a profit is a good way to go, as is working smarter by using Affiliate Clubs and loan deals.  

Some of your new signings will help to drive more commercial revenue, as will setting up lucrative friendlies and performing well in competitions with good prize money available. 

Keeping to your budgets and ensuring financial stability at your club goes a long way to developing your reputation in FM24. 


Facilities and Infrastructure Investment

The above isn’t to say that you shouldn’t spend money in your career, far from it. In fact, one of the main areas where you should invest is in your club’s facilities. 

Upgrading your training and youth facilities, as well as your stadium infrastructure, is more than a cosmetic enhancement – it's a commitment to excellence. Better facilities improve your club’s image, particularly for those new signings that you’re trying to persuade to join your project. 

If feasible, consider expanding your stadium's capacity. A larger and more impressive stadium not only accommodates a growing fan base but also contributes to higher matchday revenue.

Youth Request

Youth Development

Another key reason for developing your facilities is to improve your chances of getting a ‘Golden Generation’ when your next Youth Intake rolls round.

So much of our love for Football Manager is driven by those memorable wonderkid newgens that have carried us to glory

Building a strong youth system not only strengthens your squad with talented prospects but also helps to generate more revenue during transfer windows. 

Nurturing your own stars also resonates with the fans, helping to change your supporter base in-game and enhancing the reputations of both you and the club. 

Taking the plunge and pursuing a career where you only use your own youth prospects can be a challenge, but it’s one of the most rewarding for a reason. 

Media Relations

Navigating your media obligations is an underestimated aspect of reputation management and development in FM24. Every press conference and media interaction is an opportunity to shape public perception. 

Respond positively, praise your players, and maintain composure in the face of criticism and you’ll build strong relations with the outlets covering your club.  

As much as results on the pitch will determine the club’s success, a manager's conduct off the field has a resounding impact on the overall perception of the club. 

Manager Profile

Building Squad Personality

It’s not just the media that you should be looking to build strong relations with.

The overall personality of your squad will ultimately determine your club’s trajectory. Cultivating a team with a strong personality goes beyond tactics – it's about fostering unity, determination, and a shared commitment to success.

A cohesive and motivated squad not only performs better on the pitch but resonates positively with fans and observers alike, contributing to the overall reputation of the club.

As a manager, you can do your bit to enhance this by adding Team Bonding sessions to your Training schedules, setting up Mentoring groups and signing players that fit into your club’s existing social groups.


On-Field Brilliance

Your squad’s personality, as well as your club’s reputation, will be enhanced significantly by the results that you achieve on Matchday.

Football is ultimately a results business and as a manager you’ve got to hit the targets that your board set for you in their Club Vision. 

Across all competitions, consistency and consistent success should be the aim, whether that’s striving for victories in league matches or making deep runs in cup competitions. 

Positive results will elevate your team, attracting attention from fans, pundits, and rivals alike. A successful team is more likely to grab headlines, increasing your club's reputation and your managerial standing in the process.


Success in Continental Competitions

Once you’ve achieved domestic success, your attention should naturally turn towards continental competition.

Participating in these prestigious tournaments not only provides a shot at silverware but also significantly boosts your club's reputation on the international stage. 

Success in these tournaments amplifies your club's reputation and can attract attention from football fans worldwide. Involvement in these competitions can also help to retain your more ambitious players, providing them with the opportunity to compete on football's biggest stages. 

Managerial Achievements

Beyond the success of the team lies the personal journey of the manager. Achieving personal accolades, such as winning Manager of the Year awards or reaching career milestones, contributes to the overall narrative of success surrounding the club. 

These moments serve as a testament to your managerial prowess and further enhance your club's reputation.

In FM24, the journey to elevate your club's reputation never stops. It requires a balance of on-field success, financial acumen, and strategic decision-making. 

Consistent success both on and off the pitch is the key to climbing the ranks and securing your club's place among the footballing elite. 

Embrace the journey, make informed choices, and watch as your club's reputation ascends to new heights in the virtual football world.

Happy managing, 

Steinkelsson FM


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