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Football Manager fans come from all walks of life, so far on Why I Love FM we've had the pleasure of speaking to pro footballers, basketball stars, journalists and content creators. But now, for the first time, we get to hear from a number one selling musician and record producer. Duke Dumont tells us of his FM highs and lows while admitting his desire to step into the real football world one day. 

Duke Dumont | Why I Love FM

What do you look for when selecting a team? 

Recently I have been managing teams local to where I grew up (NW London), so I may manage Watford or QPR. I actually don’t support a team… I played football in the Herts County League until I was 21 and I trained at a couple of old Ryman League teams, but I was never really good enough to play at that level.

The most rewarding aspect of Football Manager is taking a lower league team through the ranks. I don’t have as much time nowadays, so I might try this on the Touch version. Maybe I’ll try San Marino…

I think FM has instilled in me the false confidence that I could do this in real life! Maybe I’ll buy a lower league team but I’d certainly not be responsible for the tactical side of the game!

What’s the first thing you do when you start a save? 

Fire the majority of backroom staff as soon as possible, unless they are great, like the scouts at a lot of the Italian teams. Then I go straight into the transfer analysis and clear out the deadwood. I tend to delegate a lot, though. I could probably become an amateur scout or data analyst in real life.

What’s your set-up when playing FM?

Always when travelling on tour. I have a deep sense of guilt playing it at home, or when I can be recording. Planes are the only place I don’t feel guilty about having free time.

How do you approach transfers? 

Depends on the club. I tend to lean towards players in their early twenties, with the aim of making them club legends. I love scouting the Scandinavian and Eastern European Leagues to find players like Dani Olmo at Dinamo Zagreb.

What do you look for in players? 

I follow the star rating from scouts with 17+ ratings, probably a little too much! But I tend to look at their favoured role and look at the stats within those parameters.  Someone like Leon Bailey, for example, might not be the most well-rounded player but he’s got everything he needs for his role. 

Favourite type of player? 

Definitely goal scorers or attacking midfielders that bag a tonne of goals. They’re the most important, aren’t they?

What’s your go-to tactic?

Right now, 4-2-3-1... But I tend to adapt to what suits the best players are at the club, and the league I’m competing in. I tend to play players in their natural position, and I am pretty ruthless in selling players that don’t fit or have a three-star rating or lower, unless they have potential of 4 * minimum. 

Greatest managerial achievement? 

Wycombe Wanderers many years ago. The stadium is already called Adams Park (my real name), so no need to change the name. I can’t remember exactly, but I got to the top flight, although I’m not sure if I won it! 

Best signing? 

In the current version of the game? Bearing in mind I started my save at Watford, it would have to be Dani Olmo or Houssem Aouar.

What has FM taught you? 

I was a big football fan to start, but FM has probably put my awareness of overseas players on a par with a lower league scout. The database is unbelievable. The major difference in real life is how players adapt to each team. Scouting character is a big deal in real life and thankfully this is reflected in the game too.

Why do you love FM?

The delusion that I could be a scout in real life. However, I do think I would make a good club owner. I’m not under the impression I have any ideas about tactics, but I would probably appoint myself as a scout, and heavily invest in scouting, akin to the set up at Brentford or the Red Bull teams. One day when I move back to England, I may turn this into a reality. Who knows?


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