What is Football Manager 2024?

Football Manager 2024 is out now across a wide range of platforms.

We’re incredibly proud to have released the 20th edition in our series and with this blog we wanted to give you an indication of what you’ll experience in the most complete version we’ve ever released.

What is Football Manager 2024?

Unrivalled Simulation Gaming

Football Manager allows fans around the world the opportunity to live out their dreams of being in charge of the sport’s biggest teams. FM24 takes that experience to new heights with a number of impressive additions inspired and influenced by our connections in professional football.

Once you’ve created your own unique manager profile and backstory, you’ll dive into a living, breathing football world that allows you to choose your perfect club from 124 manageable leagues across 55 footballing nations. 

Whether you chase instant glory in the J-League or travel the globe and explore new horizons, FM24 empowers you to write your own football story. You’ll make all the same decisions a real boss would from team selections to match-winning tactics and headline-grabbing transfers. A place among the managerial elite will be waiting for you if you can deliver big wins and memorable matchday moments for the fans.

Deciding your tactics

Your team’s tactical approach is down to you. The in-game tactics creator includes a range of ready-made templates modelled on football’s most popular playing styles that you can put into action with the click of a button. Should you want to experiment, you’ve got the option to adapt those tactical presets or create your own unique style from scratch.

City 4321

Navigating the transfer market

Powered by gaming’s biggest football player database, the transfer market in FM24 is where the magic happens and you get to craft your dream squad. Whether you choose to sign world-class superstars or snap up elite wonderkids that you can develop with training, your scouts will expertly support your recruitment. 

Working with the fans and the media

Everyone in modern football has an opinion and it’s no different in FM24 – you’ll have to impress the fans and the watching media if you’re going to be a success.

The fans will make their voices heard using the in-game social feed and the Supporter Confidence menu, while press conferences and interviews are where you’ll tackle the big questions about your tactics, training methods, transfer moves and match performances. 

Mastering Matchdays

Matchdays are when your footballing vision becomes a reality. Dictate how much of the action you see with a range of match highlight options and make all the big tactical calls from the touchline. You can also communicate with your players using locker room Team Talks and pitchside Shouts, making you a difference maker when your team needs it most. If you’re in a hurry to get to the top, you can skip straight to the final whistle and speed through the seasons with the ‘Instant Result’ option.

Multiplayer gaming

When you’ve dominated the competition in a single player career, challenge your friends across three compelling multiplayer modes - Versus, Fantasy Draft and Online Career. Versus allows you to secure those all-important bragging rights in one-on-one contests, while in Fantasy Draft you’ll create dream squads of the biggest stars in football and face off against each other. Finally, if you want to show who has got what it takes over the course of a season, select your favourite club and take on the world – and each other – in an Online Career game. 

There’s no single path to success in FM24. Your style, squad and skills will evolve as you create a lasting legacy and win football’s biggest prizes like the UEFA Champions League. 

New for this year

As well as including the Meiji Yasuda J1, J2 and J3 Leagues for the first time, FM24 features a number of upgrades that will improve the gameplay experience you get in every career. 

A snapshot of the things you’ll discover as you move further into the game and grow as manager are showcased in our round-up video below. 

If you’re looking to learn more about this year’s additions, head over to our Features Roadmap and dive into our detailed feature blogs.

Smarter Transfers, Squad Building & Finance
Introducing Intermediaries & Offloading Players
Individual Player Targets & Interaction Logic
Truer Football Motion, Match Authenticity & Positional Play
Set Pieces Refresh & Coaches Debut

The platforms you can play on

Football Manager 2024 isn’t just available on PC/Mac – we’ve got a range of titles available that cater to every type of gamer and football fan*.

Football Manager 2024 Touch brings the immersive world of football management to the Nintendo Switch.

Available on both Xbox and PlayStation 5, Football Manager 2024 Console is a bespoke version of the desktop classic that’s specifically adapted for smooth navigation with handheld controllers. 

Football Manager 2024 Mobile, meanwhile, offers you the fastest route to footballing glory and is available exclusively this year for Netflix members. 

*Game experience differs by platform. 



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