New Gameplay Features

FM20 Features Round-Up

Throughout September and October, we've been releasing small, intricate but game-changing features on both our and Miles' Twitter account - changes made across all areas of the game from newgen faces to news items. Here, we've collected the very best of our feature drops. 

FM20 Features Round-Up

Player fines and code of conduct

For many, dishing out fines isn't easy - Have I been too harsh? Have I let him off lightly? Well, now you and your captain can decipher a pre-agreed code of conduct, setting punishments for all sorts of football-related offences.

Additional end of season meeting responses 

You now have additional responses to deliver to your team at the end of the season. This will give you more flexibility in both explaining the season just gone while preparing for the upcoming campaign. 

Youth Intake Profiling

Thanks to the new Development Centre, you get updates on the upcoming youth intake, highlighting top prospects.

Improved unemployed experience 

We've all been there, whether you've started out jobless or have been given the boot, being unemployed is a key part of FM. So for FM20 we've enhanced and improved that experience. You'll now receive more frequent and more detailed job updates as well as increased press opportunities, so your name will always be in the news and attention of club owners. 

Accurate goalkeeper stats 

A goalkeeper's player profile will now display the number of penalties faced and number of penalties saved. A more accurate reflection of your number one's performance. A feature that could help you decide who to bring on when penalty shoot-outs occour... 

Player partnerships

Existing player partnerships will appear from the start of the game, and if you reunite two players who may have a past relationship it'll show in-game.

Reconsider resignation? 

If you've ever resigned after a successful spell you'll know that it can be a tricky decision. What if no better opportunities appear? What if I can't reproduce the same form at another club? Well, now when you resign the board may try to keep you on, offering a new contract or new promises, maybe even more resources. 

Sponsorship income table 

Another new introduction to FM20 is the sponsorship income table, now you can look into any league and see how much each club receive from their sponsors. More visibility, more info and yet more detail. 

Multiple buy back clauses

You now have the option of implementing multiple buy back clauses into a deal to better reflect modern negotiations.

Tactical style insight 

Now, if you deviate away from a tactical style by selecting different instructions, you'll get notified by your assistant with insight into what you need to change to revert back to your adopted style. 

Reserve team request

If you take over at a club which doesn't have a reserve/U23 team set up. You may be able to interact with your board to request one.