New Gameplay Features

FM20 Mobile Headline Features

Football Manager 2020 Mobile allows you to play wherever, whenever with the world's very best players in your hands. This year the series has taken yet another step forward with enhancements across the board alongside a few game-changing introductions. 

FM20 Mobile Headline Features

New leagues and languages 

FM20 Mobile introduces new leagues to dominate in while two new languages make the game more accessible for a brand new audience. 

Youth development revamp 

Promote youth candidates, receive more developed feedback on progress and set-up mentoring between experienced players and those with exciting potential. 

Reserve teams and competitions 

We've introduced reserve competitions, so your young players can get game time away from just the first-team. This also includes international under-21 squads which your players could have exposure to if they catch the eye of their federation. 

Reworked news system 

Greater response options to news items and a more informed selection of happiness types within your squad and players too. Meaning that not only will you receive more news items but they'll be more detailed too. 


Derbies spice up the build-up to big matches with your local rivals. This will affect not only the pre-game experience but relationships between the two clubs in general. Your rivals may think twice about selling a player to you, for example... 

Matchday experience 

A more informative match preview, an expanded match view and contextual information throughout the match experience make this the smoothest, most impressive engine to date in the mobile series.